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Mobile Disco & party DJ hire in West London
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Prices for Mobile Discos

If you have no clue what to expect to pay for DJ hire and found this webpage while researching the subject you may wish to scroll down for an idea of our DJ hire rates. If you checking lots of DJ websites will find hire rates will vary a great deal between mobile discos in west London. However its an unfortunate fact that the standards offered will also vary enormously. Some people hire the cheapest mobile disco they can find and think they are getting a great deal. Sometimes people book the most expensive mobile disco and think that this will be the best. However most people just want a bargain that is actually worth the money no matter what the price tag. So when hiring a Mobile disco its a good idea to shop around.

Its almost impossible to give a Mobile Disco Price without speaking to the client first. Its a bit like a builder giving an estimate without knowing what the job involves. However as this is our most popular web page we will try to a rough idea of our DJ hire and mobile disco prices.

For a 4 hour party the price for the Mobile Disco will normally work out to be between .... - £200 £450+

However no party is ever standard and some occasions require a more experienced DJ and different system set up to others. At different times of the year seasonal factors apply and various discounts are on offer eg introductory rates, special low rates for Schools disco parties, clubs etc and discount deals for regular bookings. If you are working with a tight budget don’t be afraid to mention this as its sometimes possible to tailor our shows. Please consider Pro Mobile Disco is a highly experienced professional Mobile Disco service and clueless bedroom DJ's will always work out to be cheaper. We are sometimes asked if we can beat the cheapest quote? our answer is always going to be no. Its cheap for a reason, every Dj will make mistakes as they are learning the trade, so its up to you if you want to save a few quid and let an inexperienced DJ practice on your special occasion. For these reasons we are well worth the extra few quid to ensure you have the party you are planning for.

Kids party DJs in West London

Fridays and Sundays are cheaper than the prime time Saturday night spot and weekdays are cheaper still. If you are planning a kids party consider hosting this on a week day and during the School holidays. It gives the kids something to do, and a mid week party is always cheaper than a Saturday night.

Please consider we may not the cheapest mobile disco in West London but there are many inexperience amateur DJs using poor quality mobile disco equipment who will charge the same as pro mobile disco. Its also the case that some amateur DJs will charge you more to give the impression that they are established and in demand. Although a cheap mobile disco is never a good bargain the most expensive is rarely going to be the best. Pro Mobile Disco is fully insured and uses modern reliable Mobile disco equipment, which is Pat tested. Our DJ's are very experienced in all kinds of party situations and our Prices are fully inclusive with no hidden extras.

To give you an idea of the factors we take into account when pricing a mobile disco include

DJ playing Times Times.
Obviously if you hire a mobile disco for an 8 hour party it will work out at more than a 4 hour party, (but it doesn't’ cost twice as much.)

How many guests are you expecting at your party?

This will give us an idea of how big the venue is and therefore how much Mobile Disco equipment we will need to bring with us.

What floor is the party on?
Naturally it’s more difficult and time consuming to carry half a ton of Mobile Disco equipment up (and then down again) 6 flights of stairs.

Time of year and other seasonal factors.
For example December is always more popular for Christmas parties than the bargain basement month of January.

Any other special requirements, or considerations might include parking problems i.e. red routes etc. Also if there are any additional risks or logistical difficulties associated with setting up the equipment. In the open air and a long way from a suitable power supply or on a riverboat for example.

We know from experience Any DJ who gives fixed charges no matter what the occasion can do so only by being sure to overcharge. A standard price often means a below standard Mobile Disco. Disco companies that Include a price list on there website will almost certainly be booking agents for other disco's. Once a booking is confirmed they will start ringing round to see who is available and how cheaply the DJ will do the job. On the night your DJ may from the bottom of a very long list of rubbish DJ's. You may pay a high price for a Cheap Mobile Disco and that's not so cheerful.

Please consider it is the entertainment most people will remember after the event. If you are on a tight budget don't waste money on an expensive venue, table decorations or an elaborate catering etc. Cut back a bit on these things and no one will care, hire an inexperienced DJ with low quality mobile disco equipment and your party will flop. For this reason Mobile discos are a great value entertainment solution for almost all party events. Phone Pro Mobile Disco for a no obligation quote. It takes about 2 minutes and there is no hard sell, unless you confirm a booking with us your details are never recorded or given to any third parties in any way. Call Pro Mobile Disco with confidence and get a great disco deal.

Pro mobile discos can supply great value but not Cheap Mobile Discos in West London for all kinds of party's. Our Wedding DJs in West London are experience reliable and provide a professional service. Pro mobile discos is also great at theme night events and supplies experienced 70s Disco djs and poptastic rates for 80s djs. For a discount disco deal consider booking a cheap mobile discos at of peak times and have low cost DJ hire in West London.

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